We revolutionize your data syndication experience. With our powerful data management platform, we seamlessly pull data from thousands of data management systems worldwide.

Data by Authenticom.


Provides a wealth of details about a used car based on available information from insurance companies, dealerships, service shops and police records. Data records drawn from thousands of unique sources, including data that you won't find anywhere else.

Team Velocity

Made by Dealers, for Dealers. Team Velocity’s Apollo is the most advanced technology platform in the automotive industry. Predict, track, sell, and service more customers, all from the palm of your hand.


Volie was built to optimize productivity and value for your BDC. Volie alleviates the mundane daily manual tasks that take away time from the actual customer communications.

A leading auto marketplace connecting
car buyers and sellers.

Determine a car's true value with public record-based reports.

A company providing insights on car buying and sales opportunities.

Algorithmic help for comparing and contacting local car listings.

Precision retail platform for maximum
profit control.

A company providing insights on car buying and sales opportunities.

Improve online reputation, leads, and retention through text messaging.

Manage reputation, enhance customer satisfaction, and optimize operations.

Integrates dealership data for enhanced marketing and reporting.

Polly streamlines Microsoft Teams scheduling, voting, and questions.

Streamlining dealer-lender connections for transparent, efficient car financing.

Expedite the repair of recalled vehicles and make the roadways safer for everyone.

Elevating the full customer journey
for lasting loyalty.

Boost efficiency, generate leads, collect reviews, and accept payments via texting.

Elevate automotive retail with seamless, future-proof marketing and tech solutions.

Publish new and used automotive pricing guides to assist automobile buyers.

Enabling dealerships with digital tools to build and nurture relationships.

Boost dealer safety with daily app checks on used inventory and top recall data.

Cloud-based auto retail analytics with advanced reporting.

Simplify dealership operations and enhance transactions in real time.

Bridging the gap between dealer and consumer automotive information.

Intuitive, innovative, and scalable solution with embedded AI and automation.

Load all DMS, CRM, OEM spreadsheets, web leads and more into one platform.

Empower clients with tech for seamless omnichannel marketing.

Digital marketing services for the auto industry, proprietary reporting tools...

Process loyalty rewards programs, gift card, and payment & promotional...

It’s time to evolve the way you operate in the parts space. Industry’s leading tools

Convert more automotive leads and build customer loyalty with our digital marketing.

Integrate systems for a unified customer view and drive repeat sales.

A robust text-based CRM platform for the automotive industry.

Best-in-class solutions that increase efficiency and profitability. 

Create high-quality vehicle walkaround videos, powerful virtual test drives and...

Power your operation with digital solutions that will help you capitalize on opportunities

A customer-centric dealership platform for full vehicle ownership engagement.

Boost profits with real-time consumer data for a competitive edge.

instant access to a network of high-quality, vetted shift workers and top-tier talent.

We help our dealer partners increase sales effectiveness and profitability.

Dealership software for smarter daily decisions with live market insights.

Tap into all kinds of music, plus sports, news, and talk where and when you want.

a full-scale advertising agency that collects, analyzes, & reports campaign...

Leading provider for dealers and groups, scaling car marketing and lead conversion.

Book appointments, offer tailored promotions based on customer history,

Simplify your ability to search and save vehicles for all auctions nationwide.

A premier choice distributor for tires, undercar parts, and lubricants.

The world's first fully integrated, all-inclusive, dealer-centric car selling web...

More powered by Authenticom.

Engages new customers through promotions and campaigns.

Transforms auto retail with AI-driven omnichannel excellence.

Advanced suite of new and used-vehicle inventory management solutions.

Data driven marketing products for car dealerships and OEMs.

An app offers customers credit scores and dealers leads with minimal input.

Empower auto dealers with advanced merch tech for a better CX.

integrated expertise in emerging social and
digital media.

Create memorable experiences through promotional merch.

A CRM platform, providing essential information for auto group success.

Future-proofing dealerships with efficient sales and connected solutions.

Automotive supplier offering a range of products and services to dealerships.

Marketing services and solutions to businesses across the U.S.

A dealer subscription service for easy, customized vehicle documents.

Direct bureau data integration with CRM, DMS, and digital retailing tools.

Efficient global shipping through custom tech solutions.

Full-service agency with automotive, retail, and consumer goods expertise.

Products that meet the demands of your customers.

Drive local organic traffic directly back to your dealership website.


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