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with NADA Vault

Dealerships can: 

  • Refine their data feeds for vendor needs

  • Deliver secure information with complete visibility

Use NADA Vault and reap the benefits free of charge

  • Customize data feeds to deliver only the data you want

  • Connect to thousands of partners more easily than ever before


with NADA Vault

Vendors can:

  • Access the data you need to serve your clients

  • Bypass individual DMSs and the hassle that comes with individual integration

  • Rely on verified and frequent data ingestion formatted to suit your needs

  • Trust in a secure system that safeguards data from cybersecurity attacks

  • Expect excellent customer service so you’ll never feel stuck when you need help


Why Choose NADA Vault? 

As vehicle technology continues to advance and with greater data privacy compliance and regulatory obligations, dealers need practical tools to help them meet regulatory requirements while sending information in the most efficient way possible.  NADA Vault provides dealers with a simple, transparent approach that maximizes data flow efficiency, reduces cost and lowers risk.

NADA Vault’s Features:


We’ve helped thousands of dealerships tap into their data and take advantage of vendor partnerships. Here’s how it works.

For Dealers

Full Control,
Full Privacy 

Total Ownership

NADA Vault is self-hosted, custom-built software. We connect to your DMS, and you have the freedom to choose your data connections with your solution providers. You own your data; we help you use it safely with your vendors.


Seamless Data Integration

Experience a new level of ease as our dedicated support team, inspired by our commitment to excellence, guides you through the process of connecting your data to your internal tools, unlocking endless possibilities for your business.

NADA Vault
Is Absolutely Free

No Strings Attached

Zero-Cost Data Empowerment. NADA Vault's approach to data management is effortless and absolutely free for dealers. Reclaim your time, focus on your business goals, and let your data work magic for you.

For Vendors

All Your Data
In One Source 

One Central Hub

A revolutionary platform that consolidates all your critical data into one seamless source, boasting swift setup times and a completely hands-off DMS configuration experience. It's the future of automotive data management.

Only the data
that matters

Tailored To You

Your business is unique; your data should be, too. Receive customized data feeds to get the data you need at the right frequency, which can be easily integrated into various applications.

Your Data, No Fuss

Connection Made Simple

We take care of it for you by effortlessly connecting to your DMS and navigating all the intricate steps to link your data with speed and efficiency you can’t find anywhere else. 

The Benefits of Data Syndication for Dealerships

  • Ownership over your data 

  • Better decision-making when you pull from larger datasets 

  • Faster feedback loops to see what is working and what’s not 

  • Sharing verified data with vendors means more effective marketing campaigns 

  • Save money with proper inventory management and quality leads for your sales team

The Benefits of Data Syndication for Vendors

  • Receive data at the right speed, frequency, and format 

  • Skip the hassle of having to integrate individually with DMSs 

  • The ability to provide results for your customers by accessing validated data feeds

  • Your business is seen as reliable and trustworthy because you have the right data 

  • Less fear of underperforming for clients, allowing you to focus on your business

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What Our Current
Customers Are Saying


“No complaints at all - reasonable price and great turnaround time!” -

Inmar Intelligence

“We’re very satisfied with the structure of the data we’re getting, the feeds that we’re getting, the timeliness and the frequency at which the data is ingested is up to par with the standards that we want to operate with. Authenticom helps minimize errors, minimize time spent on that workflow, and make sure the structure of that data is complete and accurate.”

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NADA Vault offers a simple, fast, and easy solution.

Not only does it let you take action with your data, but it also lets you accept and manage vendor feeds on the go using your smartphone. For a fast-moving, forward-thinking industry, NADA Vault goes where you go. 
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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you interested in buying the system or just want to try the app. We got you covered.

How Does NADA Vault Work?

Connecting to automotive data is easy, DealerVault’s auto data integration services offer an interface for vendors to monitor their active and pending dealer feeds, current delivery settings, and visibility into the current status of their outstanding dealership data setups. The site supports multiple vendor programs under the same login to make managing your dealers more convenient. Allowing an unlimited amount of vendor feeds.

How Many Vendors Can A Dealership Give Access To The Data?

While our automotive dealership software is easy to use, we understand questions may arise. DealerVault’s Knowledge Hub provides access to resources to help you move data faster. If you don’t see your question answered, reach out to Support team. Whether you’re onboarding as a new Vendor or have used DealerVault services for years, our knowledgable team is here to help you succeed.

I’m A Dealer, What Does It Cost?

DealerVault is absolutely free for dealers, which gives you access to the dealer interface, unlimited feed connections, 90-day vendor feed reporting and an easy onboarding process

I’m A Vendor, What Does It Cost?

Connecting to automotive data is easy, NADA Vault’s auto data integration services offer an interface for vendors to monitor their active and pending dealer feeds, current delivery settings, and visibility into the current status of their outstanding dealership data setups. The site supports multiple vendor programs under the same login to make managing your dealers more convenient.

How Many Data Feeds Can I Have?

NADA Vault does not limit the number of data feeds you can set up. You can set up as many connections as you need to feed your solutions.

Will I Use This Type Of Service?

We have found dealerships use our services when they want to take ownership of their data, format it in a specific way, and connect with thousands of partners easily. Regarding NADAVault, dealerships that want vendors to have accurate data that will come back to help their own marketing campaigns, inventory, sales, and decision-making choose to use it. 


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