It all started with cars.

As a long-time manager at automotive dealerships, Steve Cottrell learned the industry inside and out. When a consulting role later became a dot.com venture, he saw how important technology was to the success of auto dealerships. It was even clearer when his development of the first commercially-viable lead scrubbing tool was turned away because it identified false leads and ultimately, impacted the bottom line. But ever-committed to the dealerships where his career began, Steve was determined to supply cost-effective, quality leads. So off he went to build a company where the customer came first.

In 2002, Authenticom was born. Years of working out of his son’s bedroom and storing customer information in alphabetized shoe boxes eventually grew into a vital piece of dealership technology. DealerVault was developed to keep the control in the hands of those who were most important—the customer. 


And it grew into so much more. 

The bedroom became a boardroom and the team at Authenticom expanded. The product suite was rounded out by Carpod and ListCleanup technologies and opportunities in other markets were realized. Steve gathered up the best of the best to create a team that supported his mission to grow his business by growing others’ first. 

Now, Authenticom is still the data solution provider it’s always been, but it’s also a source of thought leadership and technological advancement. And, just as Steve envisioned years ago, it continues to be the solution that allows the customer to drive their business with clean, quality data.

Our Core Values

Highlighted by President Obama in 2015, Authenticom’s philosophy of culture is rooted in family.  Each associate is valued as an individual with gifts, talents and unique interests that span beyond the four walls of the campus.  Because of this respect for individuals, Authenticom’s culture emphasizes these core values:

Transparency - Keeping our associates, our clients and our markets supplied with information to empower decision making and collaboration.

Agility - Routes to our destination may take many paths.  We assess our journey as we go, making adjustments as needed to ensure we are accomplishing the right things at the right times.

Collaboration - We grow as an organization as we grow our individuals.  Growth comes by utilizing each other’s strengths, helping overcome weaknesses and pulling together toward common goals.

Creativity & Innovation - We thrive on new ideas, doing more with less, and thinking outside the box.


Headquartered in La Crosse, Wisconsin, Authenticom is part of a thriving downtown community. Our offices are located in the historic Doerflinger Building, right in the heart of a bustling stretch of shops, bars and restaurants. With just over 50,000 people, La Crosse boasts beautiful bluffs and Mississippi River views. Like Authenticom, La Crosse promotes wellness within the community, offering many great resources for hiking, biking and water sports. It’s also a hub of higher education, which aligns with Authenticom’s vision and drive for continued technological development.
Photo Credit: Bob Good Photography

Our Team


Steve Cottrell - CEO, Founder

With 40 years of auto industry experience under his belt, Steve has always been on the front lines, regardless of his role. As the Executive Vice President of Sales for Autoweb—a pioneer of online lead generation—he found himself both experiencing and shaping the early emergence of automotive e-commerce. While leading the Authenticom team, Steve has focused on the integration of technology and data to enable transformation of the industry to a more customer-centric, technology-driven marketplace.


Brian Clements - COO

When Brian first learned about Steve’s raised-floor data center in his son’s bedroom, he had to see for himself. Two years later, he was a full time Authenticom employee, helping to build the first generation of the Polling Client Manager. Brian now uses his technical knowledge to help focus the team on development and product goals. His other interests include faith, family and sports. 


Joe Noth – Controller

When Joe got started at Authenticom, it was 2007 and he was embarking on his first accounting job after college. Now he’s the resident expert for cash flow management, forecasting and statement preparation. Joe’s also a family man who loves the Milwaukee Brewers and punk rock music.


Roxane Herricks – VP of Human Resources

After 30 years in the bank industry, Roxane joined the Authenticom team. At the time, there was no human resources department to speak of, so she got to work developing job descriptions and policies, building the role from the ground up. Now she focuses on coaching and employee development, while also finding time to travel, spend time with her family, quilt, cook and garden.


Kari Haun - Director of Client Services

Kari joined the Authenticom team in 2016. Her strong ability to provide support, encouragement and feedback quickly moved her into the role of Director of Client Services. When she’s not focused on driving and motivating her team, Kari spends time with family and friends, binge-watches Netflix, reads and enjoys the warm summer months outside.


Michelle Phelps – Business Manager

A more appropriate title for Michelle would “Jack of All Trades.” As the business manager, Michelle tackles everything from project management to billing to travel arrangements. Starting first in an HR role, she now offers insight on internal and external barriers as well as best practices. Outside of work she’s a mom who likes to travel and is a self-proclaimed book nerd.


Dane Brown – Staff Attorney

A La Crosse local, Dane is Authenticom’s resident legal expert. A pro at digesting legalese, Dane works diligently to protect the company’s interests while also finding time for hunting, fishing, traveling and staying physically active.