Authenticom Partners with Kelley Blue Book

Authenticom, a leading single-platform provider of automotive data solutions including dealer management system integration and data enhancement services, has signed an agreement to be a licensed provider of Kelley Blue Book vehicle pricing data.

The Kelley Blue Book database of values for both new and used vehicles is now accessible through the Authenticom platform. The company has built a proprietary solution that will integrate the Kelley Blue Book data into its daily- and batch-delivery systems. This new Authenticom service is available immediately for third-party service provider applications.

“Right now, equity calculators are key drivers behind current automotive sales. Dealers are taking advantage of these tools and mining their data for repeat buyers,” commented Stephen Cottrell, president of Authenticom. “As a licensed reseller of Kelley Blue Book automotive valuation data, Authenticom is now in a prime position to provide additional data services that are integral for vendors with equity-management tools.”

Authenticom specializes in dealer management system integration and connects with over 10,000 automotive dealerships. Their data solutions provide support to hundreds of automotive marketing agencies, CRM systems, and third-party service providers throughout North America.

“Kelley Blue Book values are the most market-reflective in the automotive industry, as they are developed using hundreds of data sources and millions of vehicle data points,” said John Heffinger, vice president of data services for Kelley Blue Book.  “Authenticom clients will be empowered to make the best business decisions using Kelley Blue Book’s relevant and timely values information.”

Cottrell continued, "The Kelley Blue Book brand and value proposition is highly regarded throughout the Automotive Industry. Our partnership will undoubtedly help effect dealership sales through vendors with equity-management tools that find in-equity prospects for dealers."

The press release can be downloaded here.

Lindsey Harreld