General Questions

What is the scope of Authenticom Data Solutions?

Authenticom is the essential source for enterprise DMS integration and Automotive Data Services for 3rd-party service providers, CRM systems, and marketing agencies that serve the Automotive Industry. Our data services integrate with over 75 Dealer Management Systems (DMS) and connect to over 12,500 dealerships throughout North America.

To review our individual products, go to the Automatic Data and Data Enhancement menus in this website's header.

Does Authenticom integrate with ADP and DealerTrack?

Authenticom uses integration methods that have been approved by more than 75 Dealer Management Systems, including ADP and DealerTrack. We are the only major, independent DMS Polling company in the Automotive Industry.

Our focus is on providing affordable, dynamic, and industry-leading data services delivered at the highest service levels. Authenticom complies with all Federal and State Regulations and is also backed by a $10 million CyberFirst Technology Errors and Omissions insurance policy provided by Travelers Insurance, an A.M. Best 'A-Rated' carrier.

Authenticom's proprietary and preferred connection method is AuthentiLink, a secure Windows service that resides on a local dealer PC. We use this tool to create a connection between the dealer PC and the Authenticom polling servers for data extraction.

What are Authenticom's service levels?

  • Polling Uptime: 99.9%

  • DMS Polling Delivery Frequency: multiple times, daily

  • Failures/Escalation: We monitor polls every day. If there is a failure we will troubleshoot the issue (polling failures are first priority). Trouble tickets are then created for any issues that cannot be resolved immediately—all tickets are viewable in the online client portal .

  • Redundancy Safeguards: We have duplicate detection to prevent redundant polling.

  • Reporting: We automatically generate reports that can be viewed in your online client portal.

How does Authenticom set pricing?

Authenticom utilizes two pricing models:

  • Rooftop Pricing

  • Transactional Pricing

Authenticom also offers:

  • Zero DMS Integration Fees

  • Low setup fees

  • Low monthly fees

Our standard DMS Integration pricing requires a down payment that is implemented as a good-faith gesture. We use your down payment to pay your standard monthly fee until the down payment is gone. Regular scheduled monthly invoicing will apply when the down payment has been fully depleted. 

How do I contact Authenticom?

Our Sales experts will work with you to determine the Data Solution and pricing that meet your unique business requirements. For more information, please contact an Authenticom Account Manager. Call 866.289.3283 (toll-free) / 608.796.1167 (direct), or email

Authenticom sets the standard for flexibility, responsiveness, excellence in customer service, and fair pricing for best-in-class Automotive Data Solutions and Data Enhancement Solutions.


AuthentiLink Questions

What are the requirements for establishing the AuthentiLink connection?

  1. Local dealer's PC must be turned on 24/7/365

  2. PC Standby and Hibernate options set to NEVER

  3. Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0

Does the local dealer's PC need to be turned on all the time?

Yes, but the user does not need to be logged in.

How does AuthentiLink run on a local dealer's PC?

AuthentiLink runs in the background, so the user can continue using the PC without interrupting the connection.

What access is given to Authenticom with AuthentiLink on the local dealer's PC?

Authenticom will only have access on the IP Address that you specify and have authorization to access functions enabled in the DMS using the dealership username and password.


Technical Questions

How does the Authenticom polling process work?

Authenticom accesses the DMS with a secure link between the dealership network and our servers using AuthentiLink, a VPN tunnel, secure FTP or other connection methods. Our processes ensure data will not be compromised during collection, processing, and delivery.

Are sample reports available?

Yes, sample reports can be provided based on your specific business requirements.

What are Authenticom's network and database security levels?

Data security is our highest priority at Authenticom. As a result, we use the most secure access methods available (AuthentiLink, VPN, and secure FTP) to ensure your data is never compromised during collection, processing, and delivery.

The Authenticom network infrastructure incorporates a dual firewall system to protect your data; and state-of-the art network monitoring and intrusion prevention software provides protection against both external and internal threats. Our systems are regularly updated with software security updates as well as firmware updates to ensure they are at the most current security patch levels.

Authenticom also has anti-virus software installed and active across the entire enterprise, with virus definitions updated on a daily basis. We scan all incoming files and run full-system scans, daily.

How does Authenticom deliver data? 

Real-Time Web Services

We use our Authenticom Real-Time Web Service to process transaction-based queries to return name and address data based on a phone number. This service utilizes web and database clustering. Our real-time processing environment spans across two collocation facilities which provide the redundancy necessary to ensure the "up-time" clients desire. Our Real-Time Web Service can manage many rooftops under a single client. However, the Authenticom Real-Time Web Service works best when the service is integrated with your software (e.g., DMS, CRM, etc.).

Automated-Batch Processing

The alternative to our Real-Time Web Services is Automated Batch Processing. This data processing engine service monitors a set of folders on the Authenticom Secure FTP Site, with separate locations for file drop off and file pick up. This service runs validations to format the file and to ensure the process completes successfully. If one of our verification processes fails, an email notification is sent to alert our client that the file was not formatted properly and the order has been voided out and requires additional action. If the file passes all verification, the file will process and be placed on the Authenticom Secure FTP Site, and an email notification is sent to alert our client that the file is ready for pickup. All orders can be monitored through the Authenticom Client Portal during this process.

How can I contact Authenticom to receive technical help? 

Our technical experts are available Monday-Friday from 8:30am-5:00pm CST to answer your questions. To request help, please email or call 866.255.1528 (toll-free) / 608.796.1167 (direct).


Client Portal Questions

What is the Authenticom Online Client Portal and how can it be used?

The Authenticom Online Client Portal is a 24/7/365 tool for our clients to submit orders, and view order and ticket metrics. The Client Portal includes features like Authenticom Exchange-a bi-directional communication tool, and Advanced Search functionality for searching by order, dealership, dealer ID, and DMS type. To learn more about the Authenticom Online Client Portal, you can view the Authenticom Online Client Portal Video Training Series located on the Media Downloads page under the Info tab at the top of this web page. Please contact a Customer Service Representative for more information. Call 866-255-1528 (toll-free) / 608-796-1167 (direct) or email

How do I place an order?

When you log into the Authenticom Online Client Portal, click on on the ‘Create New Order’ button. On the next page, select the order type from the drop down menu, then click ‘Create New Order.’ In the subsequent pages, fill in all the required fields. Authorize the order with your name, and then click submit.

How do I view the status of an order?

When you log into the Authenticom Online Client Portal, click on on the ‘Review Dashboard’ button. You can view a general overview of all orders under the Order Metrics heading. You can also use the Advanced Order Search tool to locate orders by Order Number, Dealership Name, Client Dealer ID, AC Dealer ID, and DMS Type.

What if I need to make a change to an order?

If you need to make a change to an order, you can correspond with a Customer Service Representative through the Authenticom Exchange tool in the Online Client Portal. You can also contact a Customer Service Representative for more information by phone or email. Call 866-255-1528 (toll-free) / 608-796-1167 (direct) or email

Can I log a ticket through the portal?

No, you cannot log a ticket in the Online Client Portal. You can, however, use the Authenticom Exchange Tool within the Online Client Portal to comment on existing tickets and orders that are being setup, or when changes are being made to an order. The Authenticom Exchange Tool is only available during the setup process. Once an order is considered 'Production Complete,' the Authenticom Exchange Tool is no longer available.

Can I pull reports from the portal?

At this time, the capability for portal users to pull their own reports is not available. Please contact a Customer Service Representative for more information. Call 866-255-1528 (toll-free) / 608-796-1167 (direct) or email