Year, Make, and Model

VIN Explosion is part of the DMS Polling process that eliminates incongruences, increases reliability, and standardizes VIN (vehicle identification number) data.

Authenticom also has the capability to convert nondescript VINs into rich, detailed vehicle descriptions that can make your automotive application the most reliable and desirable source for VIN information.


Receive year, make, and model data via real-time web service or batch processing services.


The Authenticom data processing engine can process thousands of VINs within minutes. Simply upload your batch of VINs to Authenticom’s secure FTP site and our fully-automated systems will easily manage the workload.


VIN Explosion is built right into the Authenticom DMS Polling Service—making it the most efficient and cost-effective method for standardizing VINs.

Authenticom VIN Explosion is a fully-automated process that captures and standardizes the year, make, and model information coded in the VIN so that it can be correctly imported into or exported from your data-driven application. Our VIN batch-processing system is a fast, easy way to acquire the VIN information you need.