Real-Time Web Services

Authenticom uses Real-Time Web Services to process transaction-based queries to return name and address data based on a phone number. This service utilizes web and database clustering. Our real-time processing environment spans across two collocation facilities which provide the redundancy necessary to ensure the “up-time” clients desire. Our Real-Time Web Service can manage many rooftops under a single client. However, the Authenticom Real-Time Web Service works best when the service is integrated with your software (e.g., DMS, CRM, etc.).

Automated Batch Processing

The alternative to our Real-Time Web Services is Automated Batch Processing. This data processing engine service monitors a set of folders on the Authenticom Secure FTP Site, with separate locations for file drop off and file pick up. An email notification is sent when your input file is initially picked up by our data processing engine. Our service runs validations to format the file and to ensure the process completes successfully. If one of our verification processes fails, an email notification is sent to alert our client that the file was not formatted properly and the order has been voided out and requires additional action. If the file passes all verifications, the file will process and be placed on the Authenticom Secure FTP Site, and an email notification is sent to alert our client that the file is ready for pickup. All orders can be monitored through the Authenticom Client Portal during this process.

Data Services Real-Time Batch
CASS Standardization No Yes
NCOA® / 18 Month No Yes
NCOA® / 48 Month No Yes
Geocoding No Yes
Reverse Phone Append (RPA) Yes Yes
Do Not Call (DNC) Yes Yes
Phone Type Indicator (PTI) Yes Yes
Phone Append No Yes
Phone Validation No Yes
Email Append No Yes
Email Validation Yes Yes
Preventative Maintenance No Yes
VIN Explosion Yes Yes
Black Book Append Yes Yes
Kelley Blue Book Append Yes Yes