Preventative Maintenance

Preventative Maintenance indicates service items to be worked on and action to be performed at various mileage intervals. The Authenticom Preventative Maintenance product uses an input file layout (i.e., customer supplied Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), vehicle mileage, and a mileage range code) to identify the Preventative Maintenance items that are due for any given vehicle.

Authenticom appends Preventative Maintenance data to original files using numeric codes:

  • Item Codes to indicate which items require action (e.g., Air Filter)
  • Action Codes to signify what action is to be performed on the item (e.g., Replace)
  • Mileage Range to show when the next maintenance should be performed

Authenticom appends all applicable Preventative Maintenance items to the end of the original data record along with the mileage associated with each item and action.

Sample Input

Input files should contain:


ID number that identifies the unique dealership the data is for from a file containing a single rooftop


Vehicle Identification Numbers for vehicles needing Preventative Maintenance information


Mileage of each vehicle to determine when the next maintenance should occur


A numeric code to indicate what mileage range should be used to determine the maintenance to be done on the vehicle (looking forward from the mileage value).
Available codes: 1 = 2,500 | 2 = 3,750 | 3 = 5,000

Sample Output

"PMRESULTS" in the sample output indicates the following items and actions for the given codes and mileage:

24-35-50000 = air filter element (item) install (action) at 50,000 miles (mileage)

182-23-50000 = evaporative control system (item) inspect (action) at 50,000 miles (mileage)

Items and Actions

Item and Action Codes

Authenticom provides the translation of item and action code combinations that appear in the PMRESULTS field.

Item and Action File

Tab delimited files are also be provided to translate the item and action codes into text-based descriptions.