Phone Data

A positive customer experience is dependent on quality data that powers CRM system and business development center (BDC) applications. That’s why Automotive Industry leaders trust Authenticom for Phone Data Services, including: Reverse Phone Append, Phone Append and Phone Validation, Do Not Call, and Phone Type Indicator.

Authenticom Phone Data Services feed essential data to CRM systems to:

  • Ensure staffs are equipped with accurate phone numbers to increase efficiencies
  • Suppress do-not-call files to eliminate frustration and criticism
  • Provide complete contact information based on phone number to move the transaction forward immediately
  • Indicate type of phone to make the right contact, the right way
  • Validate phone numbers to save time and money

Authenticom has the the most robust phone data file in North America with over 500 million unique residential and business phone numbers. We’re the only provider that verifies each number against the telephone service provider database, and updates its data file multiple times, daily. Authenticom also offers monthly, flat-rate subscriptions with NO SETUP CHARGES and NO PROCESSING FEES!

Authenticom Phone Data Set by Line Type

Authenticom Phone Data Set by Segment

Data Set Broken Down by Line Type

Phone Append and Phone ValidationThe Only Phone Data File Updated Multiple Times Daily.

Give your client unprecedented access to an extensive and qualified customer phone list. Authenticom’s Phone Append and Phone Validation Services provide information needed to respond immediately and confidently to customer needs. The result: increased conversion rates and higher customer satisfaction levels.

Authenticom's Phone Append Service consistently outperforms the current market place with a higher accuracy rate using our proprietary file containing over 500 million names and phone numbers. The Authenticom Phone Validation Data Service can enhance your existing file and ensure your records are accurate and standardized.

Phone Append SAMPLE

Phone Validation SAMPLE

Reverse Phone Append

Reverse Phone Append

Every minute the transaction process does not move forward there is a risk that the transaction will stall or even be lost. Reverse Phone Append is a real-time web service that starts the transaction process immediately and keeps it moving forward. When a call comes into a call center or business development center, we confirm and standardize the complete caller identity in real time! Oftentimes, we even provide results for unpublished phone numbers. Reverse Phone Append is a sure way to eliminate inefficiencies in a call center and drive return on investment.

The Authenticom Reverse Phone Append Service is available via real-time web or batch-processing services.

Do Not Call

Help build brand equity, don’t risk staking your clients' reputations on bad phone lists. The Authenticom Do Not Call Processing Service compares records against the Federal and State Do Not Call registries, state Direct Marketing Association (DMA) registries, and Canadian registries to remove flagged records from customer files. The Authenticom Do Not Call Data Processing Service ensures you and your business partners maintain a positive reputation with satisfied customers.

The area codes in the National Do Not Call Registry cover all 50 U.S. States, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands, Guam, North Mariana Islands, American Samoa, and toll-free numbers (500, 800, 866, 877, 880, 881, 882, and 888).

Do Not Call SAMPLE

Phone Type Indicator

Knowing which customer file records include home, cell, and PCS device numbers for telemarketing initiatives could make a significant impact on your bottom line. The Authenticom Phone Type Indicator Service helps you make the right contacts, and deliver correct marketing messages.

Our automated Phone Type Indicator Service segments customer lists by land, wireless, and PCS device numbers to make your data-driven application more efficient and effective so you and your clients can reach fulfillment goals by making the right contact – the right way.

Phone Type Indicator SAMPLE