DMS Integration

Monetize the data in Dealer Management Systems (DMS) when you partner with Authenticom—the premier provider of DMS Integration services. Authenticom is the only DMS polling company 100% dedicated to DMS Integration. We're the preferred choice among marketing agencies, CRM systems, and third-party service providers for efficient, reliable, and secure automotive dealer data extraction. Authenticom integrates with leading dealer management systems including DealerTrack, Reynolds and Reynolds, UCS, and more than 70 other DMS types.

Dms Integration ADP and Open Track Certified


Our preferred connection type for DMS Integration is AuthentiLink—a direct connection between a Windows PC at each dealer location and the Authenticom Polling Servers. This proprietary tool allows us to efficiently deliver data services to you through a secure connection using SSH protocols. The AuthentiLink connection can be established in only 20-minutes compared to other connection types that require a week or longer for setup. After this short remote desktop setup procedure led by an Authenticom client support technician, DMS Polling (automotive dealer data extraction) can begin. Note: AuthentiLink does not require any modification to configurations on firewalls or routing devices in order to function.

  • Installs in 20 minutes
  • Secures data more effectively through SSH protocols

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Over 75 DMS Integration Points

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Authenticom integrates with over 75 DMS types and connects to over 12,500 automotive dealerships in North America. Our DMS Integration product connects with any dealer DMS and service provider system via the following connection types:

  • AuthentiLink®
  • VPN (Virtual Private Network)
  • FTP (File Transfer Protocol)
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AuthentiLink Overview

AuthentiLink vs. VPN

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Data Movement Options

Reynolds Data Movement Options

DMS Integration - Automotive Dealer Data Extraction Process

PC Requirements: Local Dealer PC must be turned on 24/7/365 | PC Standby and Hibernate options set to NEVER | Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0

DMS Polling

Receive transactional data when you need it, how you need it. Automotive dealer data extraction is a fully-automated data service—and a core component of our DMS Integration product. The Authenticom DMS Polling Service efficiently and effectively extracts and delivers data from Dealer Management Systems multiple times per day, during times that minimally affect dealer business systems. We extract and deliver specified automotive data in any required file structure (e.g., Tab-delimited and CSV files).

Authenticom polls and delivers the following file types including hundreds of preset and custom fields per your requested delivery frequency and time of day (e.g., daily, weekly, monthly). You choose the delivery location (e.g., your FTP site) and our automated data services provide the data that powers your automotive service application:

  • Sales
  • Service
  • Inventory
  • Service appointments
  • Open repair orders
  • Customer name files
  • Special order parts
  • Parts inventory
  • Parts sales
  • Financial statements
Computer showing client portal
Authenticom DMS Polling provides historical data and ongoing data deliveries

In addition to on-going DMS data extraction, Authenticom can extract and provide years of historical and archived data according to your unique specifications. Once we've extracted the data you need from the DMS, we package and name the file based on your required naming conventions.

Unlike other service providers, Authenticom has capabilities to augment extracted customer name file data from the DMS with an array of Data Enhancement Services. Our ancillary Data Services appeal to marketing agencies and CRM systems by benefitting multi-channel marketing and business development center initiatives with:

  • Auto Valuation Data
  • Preventative Maintenance Data
  • VIN Explosion
  • NCOA™ Processing
  • CASS Standardization
  • Geocoding
  • Email Append and Validation
  • Phone Append and Validation
  • DNC (Do Not Call)
  • PTI (Phone Type Indicator)

DMS Push Back

Authenticom's proprietary DMS Push Back Service is an essential source for reliable customer data. If required, we can use our Data Enhancement Services to standardize, cleanse, and append mailing addresses, phone numbers, and email records to the data extracted from the ADP, DealerTrack, and Reynolds and Reynolds Dealer Management Systems. We then push clean customer name file records back into the dealers' DMS or your data-driven application.

When the DMS Push Back process is complete, we perform an in-depth analysis and run a quality assurance check. This process ensures all data is updated correctly, without corruption, in the DMS or your application. The DMS Push Back is a fully-automated process that produces the most reliable information required for data-driven applications.

Bonded and Insured Up to $10 Million Dollars by an A.M. Best 'A-Rated' Carrier

Write-Back to Top DMS Types:

  • ADP
  • DealerTrack
  • Reynolds and Reynolds

Enhance DMS Customer Data:

  • Email Address
  • Mailing Address
  • Phone Number

Data and Network Security

Data security is our highest priority at Authenticom. As a result, we use the most secure access methods available, including AuthentiLink, VPN, and FTP, to ensure your data is never compromised during collection, processing, and delivery.

Our network infrastructure incorporates a dual firewall system to protect your data; and state-of-the art network monitoring and intrusion prevention software provides protection against both external and internal threats.