Enterprise-Level Data Enhancement Solutions

Address Data Services

Each year, over 40 million people in the U.S. change their address. Our Address Data Hygiene tools make your direct mail marketing service the most reliable for delivering mail correctly, on time, and on budget:

Email Data Services

Capitalize on efficient, reliable, and industry-leading Email Data Services! This proprietary Authenticom data set is the largest industry file with over 750 million unique email addresses. Our match rates oftentimes exceed 25% on initial files, and we can append the data you need in 7-10 days.

Phone Data Services

Access the largest phone data set in the Automotive Industry with over 500 million unique residential and business phone numbers in North America. Authenticom is the only provider that updates its data multiple times, daily.

The success of marketing service provider, CRM system, and business development center (BDC) applications relies on having a viable and qualified data set. Authenticom's data sets are the largest in the Automotive Industry and are backed by the highest match rates and fastest turn-around times. Through our Data Enhancement and Data Hygiene Services, we ensure you have quality data for the managed services you provide to automotive dealerships throughout North America.

Authenticom processes over 1 billion records annually via real-time web and batch processing services. We provide Address, Email and Phone Data Services including CASS Standardization, Email Append, and Reverse Phone Append for multi-channel marketing, CRM, and business development initiatives. We'll work within your business rules to deliver innovative and cost-effective Data Enhancement and Data Hygiene Services that match your specific business data requirements.