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DMS Integration

Authenticom specializes in Dealer Management System (DMS) data extraction and is 100% dedicated to providing full-automated data services that meet your business requirements.

Preventative Maintenance

Identify and append regularly scheduled maintenance information to your VIN file using vehicle identification numbers (VIN), vehicle mileage, and mileage range codes.

VIN Explosion

Our VIN (vehicle identification number) Explosion Service captures and standardizes year, make, and model information coded in the VIN---delivered via FTP or Web Services.

Automotive Valuation Data

The Authenticom Automotive Valuation Data Service is powered by Kelley Blue Book and Black Book to provide weekly updates on wholesale, retail, and trade-in values of vehicles.

Authenticom is the premier provider of data services in the Automotive Industry. Our core competencies, service and reporting levels meet the business and data requirements of automotive marketing agencies, CRM Systems, and third-party service providers. Proprietary systems enable us to expertly extract data from a Dealer Management System and to deliver data to hundreds of automotive applications multiple times, daily.

Today, Authenticom supports the Automotive Industry through its business partners by integrating with over 75 DMS (Dealer Management Systems) and connecting to over 12,500 auto dealerships in North America. Authenticom is known throughout the Automotive Industry as the gold standard for data extraction, data enhancement, and data delivery. Our focus is simple...we grow our business by helping our client partners grow theirs.